Welcome to Eldar Resplendent!

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Welcome to Eldar Resplendent!

Post by Maugan Ra on Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:01 am

For a good long while I have sought to collect Craftworld Eldar after my fascination with the Dark Kin many years ago. Now, with the release of a whole new Codex I’ve decided that it is the right time to set up a brand new forum dedicated only to those who roam the stars!

I am a mod over on The Dark City, the home of Dark Eldar on the internet, and will never lose my love for the Ynneas Eldarith. Now, however, a new side of the Eldar has called to me like a shining siren. With this new army I am sure many a foe shall fear the Eldar once more.

If you wish to share in the superiority of Eldar over the lesser races I implore you to stay, share our wine, and make yourself comfortable here.

Welcome, sons and daughters of Khaine, to Eldar Resplendent.
Maugan Ra
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