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Forum Rules.

Post by Maugan Ra on Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:33 am

While you are here, please familiarise yourself with our rules. I will add to these rules if needs be, so please check back here regularly for updates.

1. Members are allowed only one account. Any others will be deleted.
1a.Please feel free to personalise your member profile, but keep signatures and Avatars to a reasonable size or as indicated by your profile settings. Images in your signatures may be no bigger than 500 pixels wide by 100 pixels high or 450 pixels wide x 150 pixels high in total.

2. Please do not link to high risk sites that may spread viruses/malware to other users.
2a. Do not link to sites that have objectionable material such as pornography etc. This is a public site and we don’t want any members or visitors put off by what they see on our pages.

3. We encourage and promote constructive and positive discussions about all aspects of the Games Workshop hobby. We do not wish to see negative topics or comments, nor do we wish to see comments that are racial or culturally insensitive. Please remember that your views are your own, and not every one wants to read them in this particular forum.

4. Spamming, trolling or flaming will not be tolerated. Leet/chat speak is also not allowed. We ask that you spell, pronounce and be grammatically correct to the best of your ability.
4a. Please refrain from double posting. You may "bump" a post every 48hrs if you feel you are not getting responses. Double posts in project logs are acceptable. If you need to add more to a recent post please edit the previous post.
4b. Please do not post on topics that have been inactive for more than a month. These may be considered dead. (This excludes posts by the owner of the thread on stories and project logs.)

5. Please do not swear on this forum. If you think that anything you might say could be considered offensive then please do not say it. Any swearing shall be moderated.

6. Intellectual Property is a serious issue for Games Workshop. No violations are welcome here. No posting rules, points costs, copyrighted materials like images or vehicle templates, Green Stuff casting or anything else that may infringe on the rights of Games Workshop.

7. Posting excessive points cost is prohibited. Please post the overall total of a unit, not the individual items.
People with the relevant codex can work out if your points are off.

8. Please refrain from posting work that is not your own. Linking is ok, but any images that are not your own work or you do not have permission to post will get the post edited.
8a. Posts specifically made to link to another forum or blog are forbidden, keep it to your sig or profile.

9. No backseat modding. We have a very capable staff who are in charge of maintaining order. If you see and issue you are free to report the post but do not attempt to correct the situation yourself.
9a. Bold Red text is a moderator only font that will be used to ensure that all moderation edits are seen.
9b. Do not attempt to edit moderation text. This will result in an additional warning issued.

10. In most cases, we operate on a "3 strikes and you're out" rule here. On the 3rd time you break the rules, you're gone with no warning. Strikes will roll off after six months of good behaviour.
10a. The staff have the final say on all rules issues. Any disrespect towards a staff member executing their job will result in an addition warning being issued.

Any time you want to post something but are unsure if it will violate the rules, please ask a staff member. It’s what they are here for.
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