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thwjamppa's Distractions

Post by thejamppa on Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:46 am

Hi its me again (yes I got diagnosed ADHD, why I am working quite few models at the same time, its good I won't go chase squirrels in between times Razz )
Well, why not post here something too. I started Chaos Space Marines last December officially but then moving to another apartment and another changes bit postponed everything, including I wanting to finsih my Dark Eldar models first and as my main army (Eldar's) got new Codex I will get bit more new toys for them. (2 more wave serpents, one more fire prism and one Crimson Hunter ) and bit wraith blades and I am I can say I am finished Eldars for while. But I will kick CHaos Space marines on full throttle soon. I got 2 Death Guard upograde kits for warriors, one Plague Terminator Upgrade Kit and One World Eater's terminator Kit from Forge World. World Eater Terminators are almost fully assembled all I need is heavy weapon which I will get when I get Chaos Terminator Box next month so I can finish World Eater Terminators and Build my Plague Terminators.

But here's little something for distraction:

World Eaters warlord Zhufor needing only chain axe painted and extreme high lights and basing:

My Chaos Terminator Lord for Death Guard (Magnetized) I need to paint combi bolter and finish the base.

Converted Autocannon for Havoc's. I used Heavy bolter from Devastator kit:

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