Fuegan, the Burning Lance.

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Fuegan, the Burning Lance.

Post by Maugan Ra on Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:48 am

Hello all.

I was looking though the codex to get a feel for some of the units and I have decided that I'll certainly play a game soon with Fuegan as my Warlord. Crushing Blow and Unquenchable Resolve seem to make him into more of a face-smasher the more damage he takes.
With extra strength as he gets wounded and a User strength AP1 Fire Axe I can see him drawing some serious fire. Naturally he'll be awesome at cracking open tanks, but what do you think of him in some sort of face wrecking unit?

With having him in CC squad (a kind of deathstar thing for larger games (Which is the only time I'd buy him, I think)) I have found a couple of issues. All of the Aspect Warriors have rules that are suited to their own specific unit and, by adding him in, you'd be taking a lot away from a squad while adding a delivery system for a beastly HQ.

Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how to use him? I'm thinking keeping him in a Wave Serpent with some Fire Dragons.
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Re: Fuegan, the Burning Lance.

Post by thejamppa on Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:43 am

He isn't exactly a beatstick, that goes either Jain Zahr or Karandras but then they're CC specialists. However Fuegan makes one mean MC hunter. Sticking him into Firedragons and serpent is good idea. Albeit Firepike has 18" range while regular fusion guns have 12" range thus they're not perfectly synched, except with Exarch who has firepike too.

I think Fuegan is Fire Dragon booster that boost their MC and tank hunting ability, while change of protecting squad in melee very well, even they're not melee troops. Albeit my fire dragons are more of the kamikaze troops and sticking phoenix lord in kamikaze unit is bit expensive. But he makes one heck of an monster hunter and tank killer. Like Group of fire dragons could not remove almost any tanks / vehicle in the game that is not flyer Wink

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