6th Edition Codex Units: Windrider Jetbike Squads

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6th Edition Codex Units: Windrider Jetbike Squads

Post by thejamppa on Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:40 am

Jetbikes move 12" turboboost 36". Twinlinked shruikencannons bs 4 and every 3rd jetbike can be upgraded with shuriken cannon. Alrighty, these guys are dirt cvheap what they do. You can take 10 of these in single squad and have 3 shuriken cannons. Yeps, even you end up paying almost same as 20 guardians with heavy weapons when you take 10 bikes with 3 cannons they are still far superior to Guardian Defenders or Stormguardians.

They do not need transport. They t4 with 3+. That means when other guardian units die en masse in bolterfire or whirlwind pie plates, Windriders will shruk of most light arms fire away. These guys are much more capable than their footslogging brethren and can do everything they can do and few more tricks. You can attack jetbike warlock there for additional fun and put Warlock with mantle of laughing God leading unit. Or For fun jetbike autrarch with reaper launcher. Jess, who would not like relentless model with 48" s5 ap3 heavy 2 mooving 12" per turn? Also they get jink when they move. Why would you not move?

Jetbikes are very tough and survive alot in Eldar standard. They're more resilient than their dark kin reavers. twinlinked shruiken catapult will with bs 4 ensire that almost every shot you shoot with them will hit. 9 bikes can put 9 s6 ap 5 shots 24" and 12 re-rollable s4 ap 5 shots 12" all with bladestorm rule.


you can put jetbikes into reserve and let them come in later point game contest objectives or hunting light vehicles. 

You can also start jetbikes on table, pretty good if you get first turn, if you go second they do not get jink. But they are annoying unit to deal with. They absorb so much light arms fire that they're almost as pervious as wraith units. I've shrugged off once more than 33 bolter rounds one turn with my jetbikes without losing single bike. They're tough but still do not get careless. They should utilize terrain as much as possible and mainly be first turns super fast annoying unit or light vehicle hunters. Its one of the units that almost certainly at last turns can easily contest enemy objectives or gain linebreaker.

These are one of the fastest units in the game. Considering how many shuriken cannons they can pack, toughness and save these are one of the best units you can take. And they're cheaper than last edition. There really isn't many lists that cannot use jetbikes, unless you want to go full Spirit host with only Wraith units.

You can even build your entire army around jetbikes and go Saim-Hann style. Against foot slogging units, Saim-Hann style armies can easily out maneuver and outpace enemy forces and thus can easily dictate game pace. But you still need some other support for the jetbikes and move them carefully. Outside kitted autarch jetbikes cannot get anything to boost their CC and should avoid CC till last turns. After all, jetbikes like most eldars need to move to survive.

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